This is NewWorldNudes.com. A website that showcases nude models in photos and videos along with other features, some of which are unique to our site. But what really makes us different from all the other erotic websites out there?

And they said it couldn't be done...

Prior to NewWorldNudes.com, everyone in the online erotic photography world said that the amazing beautiful "artistic/erotic" nudes that inundated the web and (in our opinion) changed the world for the better could only be achieved with cash poor Eastern European models. But we had a dream. We felt that it was possible to find American models who were interested in celebrating their beauty. And we believed their new world spirits, smiles and killer bodies were just as sexy, if not more sexy, than what could be found in the old world. So we set out to see if it was possible to create an empire of beautiful nude imagery using American girls. And we succeeded.

NewWorldNudes.com provides our members with web-based access to smart, beautiful, sexy, naked, American women. We do this by offering top quality photos, videos, and diaries, all featuring or created by our outstanding models. We think that once you look inside you'll see that we work with some of the finest girls in the world, and we're proud to say that thanks to our policy of respect, profit-sharing, and downright fun that our models are among the happiest in the business.

Our motto is "life, liberty, and the pursuit of sexiness." But what exactly does that mean? Unlike other sites who do one thing - shooting amateurs or professional porn models, offering one or two cool features - we aim to provide you with a sexier experience by combining a variety of models and features - we work with highly experienced models and amateurs (everyone has something to offer). We also offer personalized messaging to the models, model blogs, our Ucast feature where girls you know (or you yourself, if you're a girl) can be submitted to be on our site, our Wing Women feature (how many sites do you know of where the girls can actually help you get dates?), not to mention our Kultcha links and (coming soon) video peek-a-boo windows. The pursuit of sexiness is a unique experience and we are it.

NewWorldNudes.com is also dedicated to the pursuit of genuine sexuality. What is genuine sexuality? Genuine sexuality is a healthy, female-positive, artistic, expressive, respectful, and joyous attitude toward sex, pleasure, and nakedness. And in the world of nude photography, it is a woman showing her inner beauty, sharing her intimacy with the camera, expressing her sensual power, being sexy in the way she wants, being free with her body because she can be. NewWorldNudes.com is here to let women express their genuine sexuality.

As mentioned above, Europe (and to a lesser degree, Asia) have a tradition of what has come to be called the "erotic nude" or the "art nude." The web is full of such images, forming an astounding collection of beauty unparalleled in human history. But America lacks such a tradition. Unfortunately, nude photography and videography in America is largely the domain of the pornographers. The bodies are fake, the atmosphere is oppressive, the orgasms are forced, the spirit is ugly, and a conscientious viewer (which most of us are) usually can't avoid feeling that the girls either don't want to be there or shouldn't be there. America lacks a non-pornographic erotic nude tradition.

NewWorldNudes.com is here to change all that. We think the women of America are beautiful and talented and brilliant and sensual, and we want to help them share that with the world. We want to offer them a site through which they can express their genuine sexuality and through which appreciative others can watch them do so. All our girls do photos and videos, all our girls keep diaries on the site, and many of our girls come to us through the suggestions of our visitors through our Ucast feature. It's a real community of people all seeking together to achieve a cyber realm in which genuine sexuality can flower and find expression.

As a member of NewWorldNudes.com you will become an integral part of this community. You will meet our models, share in their intimate expressions, and even have your suggestions heard and considered by our creative team. This site is yours. We just run it. So as a member your desires are our first consideration, and we provide you ways to have your desires heard.

So thank you for visiting NewWorldNudes.com, and welcome to the world of genuine sexuality. May you enjoy the intimate and honest beauty you find inside.