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sexy yoga girl peels banana with feet yummy
Satisfying For some reason, this gets me off
Race Relations in America f$%*cking hilarious summation of it all
puke terms amazing collection of synonyms for blowing doughnuts
Design Mag great blog for cutting edge design photos
fuck yeah - ads! This is some awesome fucking ads, mah boi!
bloopers pretty good collection of news screw-ups
the slap brilliant Iranian short film
the rock a roll shit jam to monster
greatest reeper mash read the lyrics and weep
this is bang billie joel, suck my rock
The Most Unwanted Song I actually enjoyed this.
Another fucking piece of shit The Onion does it again
urban pole dancers sex IS the city
Bach in the Saddle the mastery of the ages
The Excessive Machine America's answer to Brigitte Bardot overcomes death by pleasure!
Treadmill Dance enough said about all those gym monkeys
NYC is Lego Land pretty fucking smart.
Breast Therapy Look at titties and live longer
Vader Madness Check out Vader going dud
Hip Hop Psycho Sex Nightmare get ready to lose your motherfuckin mind!
Top 10 Animal Videos crazy (and moving) vids from the wild and domesticated
Havin' A Wank what happens when the wife comes in?
Mid Blink Everyone is beautiful, until they blink
ultimate drunk compilation don't try this at home
Base jump vid be on and fall off the cliff in this amazing pov basejump vid
Female or Shemale? can you pass the test? (If not, stay out of bars!)
Be a movie star! This cool site lets you insert yourself into sexy, crazy videos!
We all do weird things, see? you laugh and shake your head in shock and recognition
learn how to pick up girls anytime the first and best authority on how to get the gals you want
Road to Stardom How far will she go to get her first job?
You think you're neurotic? See how you compare on the crazy scale
Secret life of plants Watch this freaky video on plants making choices
Man Babies The child is father to the man
Honest R & B finally, a sex song that tells it like it is.
The end arrives... on robotic dog legs.
Guilty Blog Pleasure Shameless Hollywood Gossip. So sue me...
Incredible Monkey Trick You won't believe a hominid could do it.
Found Stuff who knew there was such cool shit just laying around?
Glumbert Women The most mesmerizing imaging you'll ever see.
Serious Geek Humor Are you a bonafied geek? Come get a laff.
Sexy Pole Dance these are the moves that get you hot
Freeze Freaks public improv at its wildest
She f*&#cking someone famous Jimmy's girlfriend comes clean in this hilarious vid
Rosie's Vagina The unmistakable scent of feminism
The Vibrator In the History of Gynecology, a Surprising Chapter
Sweetest Video Ever This one will make you love again.
Journey through Space Size Put it all in perspective.
Granny Gazonga Song Everybody loves 'em huge.
Hopeful Monster the truth about the human organism
Stop Motion Man ever seen stop motion wall animation? This will blow your mind.
Color Generator No more guessing what colors to use on your site.
New Bush Coins collect them all, or else!
Animal Singer The greatest piano player ever sings to the animals
Cruisin' The great 70's music video
Tenacious D Tribute The greatest song in the world!
Mog! music and blogs! What could be sweeter?
Wild music video this one will make you dream better
KittenWars The Battle Of Our Time
Epileprechaun Hilarious web-isodes from a comedic genius
Ravel Beauty One of the most beautiful string quartets there is, by Ravel
Ukelele Weeps Classic song, done in a great new way
Benny Lava Classic crazy Indian music video - "Who put the goat in there?"
Tool Sex Great English comedy skit about hardware store
Freak Vid Don't watch this at home alone at night
Sound Rebel The infamous John Cage, and his wild ideas
Baby Laugh We should all be so easily amused