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Lives: West Palm Beach
Works: Computer Technician/Photographer
Age: 25
Sign: Aquarius
Loves: Pushing boundaries, exploring new ideas in art and human behaviour, Chocolate martinis, A strong man with a sweet smile, shooz
Likes: Fashion, my MacBookPro (with a fast connection), driving my convertible with the top down, hitting a great beach with my top down, sushi, travelm hot girls with fashion sense
Listens: DJ Princess Superstar, Kelis, Feist, Donna Summer
Wants: I want to own my own house finally, I want to get my masters, I want to be rich and happy and fabulous.
Feels: The treatment of animals, I’m a vegan
Plays: Used to be on a volleyball team, I’m a killer poker player
Reads: Deepak Chopra, French Vogue, David Sedaris
Watches: HBO, Bravo, American Gladiators
Wears: Vintage with some modern accessories
Thinks: One of my goals is to exclude rude, close minded people from my life, most Republicans and find a way of being peaceful, harmonious, cool, progressive, sexual and sane –and- ambitious. Can these things go together?
Hides: I had a steak on my birthday. And kinda liked it.
Shout outs: Rachel, Gia, Gemma, Joey T, Mom (hope you’re not reading this!), Bobby from LSU, Joey D and my kitties Jack and Jill

Why I’m lovable? That should be obvious! Plus, I’m much more fun than the rest of your friends.
Other modeling? Lot’s of print work, bikini catalogues
Why did you pose nude? I get a huge thrill of posing nude, theconnection between model and photographer, when it works (it did!) is inherently erotic and women should be remembered in their natural beauty forever.
How did you feel before? Excited, a little nervous, hoped JM would have the same vibe as I did.
What was it like? Totally organic, smooth. We ended up shooting outside in a light a rain and neither of us seemed to mind. It was just the two of us and it was, to quote my mother, pretty groovy.
How did you feel after? Energized, a little horny. Happy.
Craziest thing you’ve ever done? I robbed Mu Kappa Psi’s entire closet of beer at LSU and they never knew. I don’t even like beer!
What turns you on before, during, and after love making? I love, love, love talking..the lead up...days before, if possible,…open spaces, beaches, my yard with lots of time to explore…I don’t mind a little smack here and there (I give ‘em)
What do you think “genuine sexuality’ is? It’s not being ashamed of my body and the fact that I have desires for men, women and life and that makes me human and good and a part of a whole. Genuine sexuality is telling my friends I can’t make cocktails on Thursday night ‘cuz I need to treat myself to a bubble bath and a vibrator and takeout.

Photographer's Comments: Sometimes it takes a little while to find your rhythm, your chemistry in shooting a new model, but we found ours instantly. The moment I said I love Playboy from the 70's she brought forth a bounty of cool old hip belts and turquoise jewelry and the shoot became impassioned and envisioned by both of us. And like all great models, fearless. We stood out in a Florida rainstorm and shot away...

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