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Name: violet
Works: model/personal trainer
Age: 25
Sign: leo
Likes: wandering around cities and new places, skinny dipping, eating
Music: i love the smiths because i'm from britain and it takes me right back there
Wants: enough money to travel the world and fly first class!
Feels: we really should start to look after the planet - boring buttrue...i have an urge to save things like giant centerpieds from extinction.
Plays: do yoga a lot and used to play a lot of tennis..doubles anyone?
Reads: charles dickens is one of my favourites. along with the champion the wonder horse books. haha.
Watches: don't watch tv, it's garbage. like the cinema alot and can sit through practically anything.
Wears: i like to wear completey different clothes to match my mood. i like wearing nothing at all in my apartment, the humidity of new york summers is a good excuse to do that.
Hides: don't have secrets really, too much effort!

What other modeling have you done other: various art modeling, promotional work, some fashion and editorial stuff.
Why did you pose nude? i like posing nude as i think you see the person instead of a media image or just clothes...
How did the shoot go? the shoot for new world nudes was fun and quite a giggle, i would definitely do it again!
What do you think ‘genuine sexuality’ is? i think genuine sexuality is complete honesty, both with yourself and your desires and being able to communicate that to another person...ahhhh!

Photographer's Comments: Violet is nothing like her name. Before I met her, I expected her to be slightly withdrawn, but she is a burst of energy on the set. Cool, down-to-earth, Violet made the shoot a total joy. I'd love to shoot this beauty again.

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