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Name: Celeste
Lives: Baltimore, MD
Works: Waitress at Lucky's Steakhouse (yeah - hicksville, I know)
Age: 21
Sign: Aquarius
Loves: My puppy Katie
Likes: Chillin in the rose garden in Old Town with my peeps (holla!)
Listens: a lil rap, mostly r&b and a tiny bit of rock, but not the hard stuff like metal sucks!
Wants: To be famous!
Feels: Happy go lucky most of the time. Sometimes hate my job :-(
Plays: guitar - really bad, though
Reads: Vogue, I like Cosmo (haters!), I just finished the last Harry Potter - please write more, J.K.!
Watches: I love the reality stuff like survivor is the bomb and also Tia Tequila's Shot At Love - hilarious!!
Wears: My uniform - it's like that movie where they make jenifer aniston dress her uniform up with "flair" - so gay. People say I look like her, tho . . .
Thinks: I should move, I think I'm done with Baltimore (don't tell my friends - they'll kill me!)
Hides: Not much. I'm an open book i guess.

Shout outs: Hey Tatianna!!! Hi Angie:)
Describe other modeling you’ve done: None
Why did you pose nude: I needed the money, lol:) That and the photographer was cool
How did you feel before?: I think I was a little tipsy to be honest
What was it like?: So easy!
How did you feel after?: Good, a little like I wanted to do it...
Craziest thing you’ve ever done: Cancun 2003 baby!!!
What turns you on before, during, and after love making: I like lotsa music, candles and sometimes a little porn. Is that ok?
What do you think “genuine sexuality’ is?: When you dont have to feel bad about wanting to be sexual or human. It's only natural, right?
Photographer's Comments: Celeste is the real deal. Just a hot Baltimore chick who is easy in her skin, wanted a gig for some ready cash, was sweet as pie getting naked and breezed on out. You have to admit her breasts are utterly luscious, right?

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