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Name: Kara
Lives: Hawaii
Works: Bank Teller
Age: 21
Sign: Capricorn
Likes: Reading, eating out with friends, Dancing!, um,. Dancing With The Stars (guilty pleasure, and Brad Pitt:)
Loves: Kind people, guys who take care of themselves, My kitty Gracerella
Listens: To the sound of the breeze of the Big Island at sunset, laughter
Wants: a love to kiss, a new job!
Feels: Sexy, Tingly
Plays: Tennis, I also run
Reads: Deeprak Chopra, Toni Morrison, Penthouse Forum, Hemingway, Miller
Watches: As The World Turns, American Gladiator, Playboy TV
Wears: Flirty Skirts, cute thongs, my heart on my sleeve
Thinks: Obama, baby!
Hides: All the girls I kissed in college

Tell us why you're so lovable: Am I? I hope it's true
Shout it: Kika and Tommy, love you ferever
Describe any other modeling you've done: This is, I assure you, my very first time
What made you decide to pose nude?: I was dared and I'm not really ashamed. The body is beautiful, I think.
How did you feel before the shoot?: Kinda nervous
What was the shoot like?: Easy and fun. They were so cool and funny, they mad me feel sexy
How did you feel after? um...:) Let's just say that I slept well that night....
What's the craziest thing you've ever done?: Swam with sharks!
What turns you on?: Sexy talk, being in the sun, margaritas, long nights with new friends...
What turns you on during lovemaking? A man who can keep up iwth me and teach me new things, guys who can use their tongues and fingers....
Photographer's Comments: One of the reason I love shooting for NWNs is that they shoot a whole mix of models; yes there are the glamor and erotic models (god bless 'em) but there is an equal embrace of first time 'real girls'..waitresses, students, lawyers (3 so far) and in the case, a tender and lovely bank teller. I don't know if she has any plans on a long erm erotic modelling career, but the fact is that on that one day, for that one moment she choose to do something different, daring and fun. And we owe her our thanks.

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