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Name: Erin
2.Lives: NYC (from Nebraska)
Works: Bartender
Age: 23
Sign: Pisces
Loves: My old beat up Vespa, my doggie Kip, great dive bars, comfy jeans, colorful sweaters
Likes: Summer days in Central Park, small bookstores, boyish men, manly boys, Jim Beam, a full tank of gas to go anywhere anytime….
Listens: The Strokes, The Fratellis, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Fionna Apple
Wants: I totally need a new car, can u help? Wouldn’t mind a pickup.
Feels: Gay rights. Some of my best friends are gay and the state of things in the military and politics are gross.
Plays: I still ride horses whenever I’m back home.
Reads: Not enough! Lol!
Watches: Not really into TV
Wears: Comfy stuff, my ex’s boxers, cool t’s
Thinks: I’m more of a feeler, I guess. I work from my intuition. Always been a little psychic.
Hides: My country girl accent kinda comes out after 3 drinks.
Why I’m lovable: Cuz’ I’m real, caring, cuz I’m loyal to the end and you can’t be the love of an American country girl!
Shout outs: You know who you are…

Other modeling: This was my first!
.Why did you pose nude?: Why not!? I can and was asked.
How did you feel before?: Nerrrrrrrvous.
What was it like?: So fun! Caitlin was so adorable and JM totally knew what he was doing. It was like a party.
How did you feel after?: For me to know!
Craziest thing you’ve ever done?: I was the chick in the kissing booth at our state fair. I kissed 300 people!!!
What turns you on before, during, and after love making: Kissing before, during and then get outta my bed. Sorry!
What do you think “genuine sexuality’ is? Me! Lol!...Um,…I guess someone who is not afraid to love and live hard☺

Erin is, to me, really what this site is about. A classic, American country girl. Beautiful, vivacious, making her way in the city, who is up for a little adventure every now and then. I love her honey hair, and her worn jeans (which you won't see). I bet she'd look great on horseback.

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