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Name: Georgia
Lives: NYC
Works: Web Designer
Age: 26
Sign: Taurus
Loves: Myself and others sometimes.
Likes: Anime, Retro Fashion, Betty Page, Betty Short, Betty Boop, Japanese art
Listens: Rockabilly, Swing, K-Fed
Wants: A harem, a Harley, a job with Bill Gates
Feels: I feel strongly that dancing should be allowed again in NYC bars! I mean, WTF!?
Plays: I still have some cello skills.
Reads: Paper, Blackbook, some zines, Hustler
Watches: Porn, I need get my dose of porn (No Man’s Land), DeLillo
Wears: Classic with punk edge, some neopunk looks
Thinks: Stop me from thinking
Hides: My notoriety is getting hard to hide downtown these days.

Why I’m lovable: Because I’ll make you scream and thank me. And we’ll all say thank you.
Shout outs: Obama, wassup mah future prez’
Other modeling: Often.
Why did you pose nude?: I get a kick outta it.
How did you feel before?: Good.
What was it like? Great.
How did you feel after? Gooder.
Craziest thing you’ve ever done? How long do I have? I hosted a pagan (I was a little Goth in college) girl orgy in the woods. We were busted up by local farmers but not after they watched in the bushes for awhile, I’m sure.
What turns you on before, during, and after love making. Ew. Intensity. Control. Good submissive boys and girls.
What do you think “genuine sexuality” is? Being who you are and wearing it on your sleeve. Having the balls to be on here and proud. Masturbation parties, where did they go? And shoes, great shoes.

Photographer's Comments: This girl has a real spark. With her tight, white bod, you just feel cool standing next to her. Plus, it looks to me like she's got that freakalicious chick in her. Georgia's a lovely state to be in, indeed.

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