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Lives: NYC
Works: Make-up artist
Age: 23
Sign: Pisces
Likes: Dancing, flowers, unexpected adventures, handsome men, scented candles, Jimmy Choo shoes, Colin Furth, Derek Jeter,
Loves: Strongly
Listens: Alicia Keyes, Wilco, Salsa music
Wants: To market a new line of all-natural cosmetics, to see the world, to be married, to host SNL
Feels: That this country needs a new leader - that George Bush should be impeached for perjury and crimes against humanity.
Plays: Waaay too much nintento wii
Reads: Vogue, Vanity Fair,
Watches: Project Runway
Wears: Short shorts, cute tops, and all things shiny and pretty :)
Thinks: I know what I thought yesterday - not so sure about today.
Hides: That I never managed to run a mile all throughout high school.

Tell us why you're lovable: Am I? Hope so!
Shout it out: Hi Bruce, hi Shiriki, you gays are the best! (wink!)
Describe any other modeling you've done: Just me and the ole' mirror so far. This was my first gig!
What made you decide to pose nude: I had done make-up for the photographer a couple times and was intrigued. I had a great time!
How did you feel before the shoot? Nervous - but I had been at so many shoots before, that I knew what to expect.
What was the shoot like? Fast! Relaxing, actually. Kinda funny - the photog's a really sweet guy.
How did you feel after? Proud of myself. Like "hey - I did something!" I think I look great. I want to have these photos when I'm old and grey.
What's the craziest thing you've ever done? I helped judge lyric submissions for a Hanson (remember Mmmbop?) song contest. Really. I almost shot myself in the head.
What turns you on before, during and after love-making? Soft music, slow dancing, loooong massages, and pineapple smoothies.

Photographer's Comments: I have known Zoe for a while now, and I want to say what I lovely girl she really is. When she was doing make-up for me, she was really invested in the way the photos looked, whether it was picking out wardrobe for the girl, or holding the reflector, she always jumped in to make the shoot the best it could be. So naturally, when she asked if she could model for me, I was honored! Plus, she has the best boobs. Ever. Really.

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