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Name: Dolly
Lives: Maine
Works: I try to avoid that bit.
Age: 22
Sign: Aries, of course. The baby of the zodiac:)
Loves: My Prius, my Gucci tote, my brother sometimes
Likes: My friends:)
Listens: Gwen Stephani, Coldplay
Wants: A NEW JOB. FInance blows!!!
Feels: That finance is full of souless losers. Mostly...
Plays: With my pink plastic friend
Reads: huffpost, perezhilton, Vogue
Watches: Bravo
Wears: Anne Taylor
Thinks: Democratic takeover time.
Hides: My promdate dumped me:(

Photographer's Comments: What a bundle of citygirl energy! Dolly came in with her endlessly long legs, on her phone, makin' cocktail plans, got naked, laughed and breezed out. A city girl, in my opinion. Like a doe in a fleet of sleek deer. Sexy, elusive and delightful to behold.

Shout outs: Oh please! You know who you are, right Brad Pitt?
Describe other modeling you’ve done: I've done a few small fashion shows here and there
Why did you pose nude: I thought I would feel sexy.
How did you feel before?: Sexy.
What was it like?: Sexy.
How did you feel after?: Sexy.
Craziest thing you’ve ever done: 3 Bottles of Goose, 3 Strangers and a public swimming pool
What turns you on before, during, and after love making: Straps, smacks and whacks.
What do you think “genuine sexuality’ is?: Be who you are. Don't apologize.

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