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Name: Natasha
Lives: Planet Earth
Works: Try not to
Age: 22
Sign: Pisces
Loves: What turns me on are arms and chest. That is a very masculine element that I love to explore
Likes: I like to watch cable all the time, sing to Elton John, and to watch as many movies in one day at a huge movie theatre by jumping to another after each one.
Listens: Brazilian
Wants: I would love to be able to have my own timeshare someday anywhere warm and shoppable. I hope Hilary wins and that there are lower gas prices with that. :)
Feels: !
Plays: Track, volleyball
Reads: Good things
Watches: The reality shows. Would love to be on one someday
Wears: Fav clothes are tight jeans and tube tops
Hides: A fun secret about myself is that I love to stare at men's crotches on subways, planes, wherever. I like to think what is there for later.

What makes you lovable?:
Describe other modeling you’ve done: I have not done too much modeling, but I have practiced on my own.
Why did you pose nude: I am not always going to be this hot, so I better have some proof for my husband when I get to be 99.
How did you feel before?: Prepared to be hot and have fun.
What was it like?: Very fun and relaxed. Totally professional
How did you feel after?: Felt amazing and powerful
Craziest thing you’ve ever done: I haven't done anything too crazy except pose nude. :)
What do you think “genuine sexuality’ is?: It is giving that extra gesture, look, or touch that shows that you are in charge of your own body and what you want to do with it.

Photographer’s Comments: Natasha is fabulous and I use that word rarely. She embodies cool young smart American woman. Her body is fit, her spirit is fun and her confidence in herself disables any sleaziness even when stark naked. I heart USA.

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