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Name: Onna
Lives: Passionately
Works: When need be
Age: 23
Sign: Leo
Loves: Maybe
Likes: Ho-hum
Listens: Diamante
Wants: You to want me
Feels: With my soul.
Plays: With others☺
Reads: Retro smut:
Watches: Your good behaviour
Wears: Vintage
Thinks: More than you
Hides: A sweet side

Shout outs: ?
Describe other modeling you’ve done: Fetish work
Why did you pose nude: It can be sublime
How did you feel before?: Intrigued.
What was it like?: Delightful
How did you feel after?: At ease
Craziest thing you’ve ever done: I’m here.
What turns you on before, during, and after love making: Exploring power status between men and women.
What do you think “genuine sexuality’ is?: I’ll know I when I see it.

Photographer's Comments: I had the pleasure of spending a delightful dark and misty afternoon shooting Onna is her beautiful, possibly Victorian house. I felt like it was a magical house full of secrets and stories and we worked our way through it, aking our time, sipping tea and making pretty pictures. I sense in her a tremendous passion cooly bridled. I bet you she's a kinky minx. Love it.

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