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Name: Veronika
Lives: Florida!
Works: Sometimes, plays sometimes
Age: 22
Sign: Virgo
Loves: Dancing, Sunshine, Money, Love, Cocktail Hour
Likes: My friends (sometimes), Key West at sunset
Listens: Donana Summer, Carly Simon
Wants: You. To.Drop.Your.Pants.
Feels: Gay Rights need to be respected.
Plays: Nope.
Reads: Cormac MCarthy, Zoe Watts, John David, Peter Murray
Watches: Deal or No Deal!
Wears: Florida beach wear, of course.
Hides: nada

Photographer's Comments: We -really- enjoyed shooting this super coo chick. Just a sunny, happy, breezy Florida personality who also hoooked us up with her friend Taylor. She was candid, relaxed, oozed sexuality and I'm still very much taken with many of her photos. We'll def. shoot her again.

Shout outs: hey Tay!
Describe other modeling you’ve done: I’ve done print work, and some stuff for Hustler
Why did you pose nude: JM Darling asked so nicely.
How did you feel before?: Good to go!
What was it like?: Super fun, he was a great photographer and total professional.
How did you feel after?: Tired, honey.
Craziest thing you’ve ever done: I was a contestant on a datin reality show.
What turns you on before, during, and after love making: Guys (and girls) who know how to use their mouths and their minds.
What do you think “genuine sexuality’ is?: Every honey on this site!!!

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