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Name: Skye
Lives: East
Works: n/a
Age: 21
Sign: Gemini
Loves: Tats, Anna Nicole back in the day
Likes: Hot Indy guys, Hot Indy Girls
Listens: Modest Mouse
Wants: Bling
Feels: Jade up
Plays: with Jade’s piccolo
Reads: Porno blogs, your blog
Watches: HBO
Wears: My ex’s skin
Thinks: GWB must go to jail
Hides: Nothing

Shout outs: Peter Peter pumkin eater-don’t ever get full
Describe other modeling you’ve done: No
Why did you pose nude: Why not
How did you feel before?: Horny
What was it like?: Blast
How did you feel after?: Hornier
Craziest thing you’ve ever done: Every day changes
What turns you on before, during, and after love making: no one says lovemaking
What do you think “genuine sexuality’ is?: Me and mah girl.

Photograher's Notes: These girls were cool. Funky, hardcore, unapologetic and cool. Not our normal fare but def. a nice bit of diversity in the pool. Great tats!

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