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Lives: NYC
Age: 24
Works: Dancer
Sign: Virgo
Likes: I love seeing a great dance performance, a great movie, doing a great ballet class, when I feel good after exercising, travelling, seeing my family and my boyfriend, learning new things.
Loves: Life.
Listens: I love listening to Marvin Gay, and some old soul music classics, Barry White, and Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson...
Wants: I want to have my driving license, to live in a better area(better than Bushwick, where I am currently living), to have more time to go out, meet more people, do some acting classes.
Feels: I feel deeply about starting a new style of dancing, musical theater for example, study acting, becoming an studying something else, more languages.
Plays: No time for sports except dancing and exercising. would enjoy playing tennis.
Reads: No favorite books, I like to read all kind of books, as long as it is good and in english!
Watches: My favorite tv shows are old, like friends, it always makes me laugh. Favorite movies: Jerry Maguire, Titanic, Once upon a time in America, Indiana Jones...
Wears: Casual clothes, y good jeans from Replay, and my black leather boots from MIlano, and new tops, I have to buy it, I dont really like anything I have now
Thinks: Be nice with everybody and people will be nice in return. Be honest; Peace in Israel for ever...

What made you decide to pose nude? I have a lot of energy and ambition, I am living my dream which was to dance in NYC, not so easy for a french girl...I am always happy, makes me look pretty and I have a natural hot body, I am lucky! I love my body so I dont mind people seeing it, It is hot now, maybe it wont be as hot in a few years, so If I can work thanks to it, I do it, an I keep all the pictures, I am proud of them.
How did you feel before, after and during the shoot? I felt great during and after the shoot, very easy, and I was very relax, it is just me in my apt, like I would be with or without a camera.
What do you think ‘genuine sexuality’ is? Genuine sexuality, I get that often, meaning you just need to be yourself to be sexy, u dont look for it. for me it is very easy, I just have to speak with my natural french accent and they are all falling!

Photographer's Comments: Who hasn't loved a girl named Jenny? Look at her smile, her coyness and her form and I trust you'll go back to fond memories of first love. Plus, look at that bouncy hair! Makes you want to get lost and not come out.

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