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Name: Charlotte
Lives: Australia/NYC
Works: Model/Photographer
Age: 21
Sign: Gemini
Loves: Travel, Art, Great Beaches
Likes: My jeep! Smarties
Listens: Ravel, Tom Waits, Kylie Minogue
Wants: To show a collection of my nature photography
Feels: That women need to rise to power in the major countries of the world.
Plays: Cello, fairly well.
Reads: Science Fiction (Orson Scott Card, Octavia Butler) Crazy whacked out shit like that.
Watches: Sci-fi. Discovery Channel, La Vie en Rose
Wears: Hand me downs, thin cotton frilly items, my bare skin.
Thinks: That Binid Irwin shouldnít be paraded the way she is.
Hides: Itís a little too late to hide much now, donít you think.
Shout outs: Hallo Queensland!!!

Why Iím lovable? Because Iím a great driver, can you drink you under the table and rock in the bedroom till dawn and more. And I bake!
Why did you pose nude? Wanted to see what the US scene was like. And Iíll tell you something: being naked in the USA is JUST like being naked Down Under. Fan bloody fantastic.
How did you feel before? Cewl.
What was it like? Fun! We stripped down on a rooftop in the Lower East Side of NYC and shot away. The neighbors seemed pleased.
How did you feel after? Like I could use a beer!
Craziest thing youíve ever done? Letís put it this way, Iím no longer allowed in New Zealand. Wusses.
What turns you on before, during and after lovemaking? Where shall we begin? I love a new lover. Or two. Making love in the sun and taking my time. DeliciousÖ
What do you think genuine sexuality is? Itís me. Real, in the moment, picky, passionate, unbounded in my affection when itís earned, the bravery to taste and sample all of lifeís succulent treasures.

Photographer's Comments: Charlotte had worked for some other impressive nude art collections and knew what she was doing. She brought with her a character, someone who she could be with the camera was clicking, and fully embodied that character while shooting. I always say I want models who think like an actress and she is just that. Plus she got butt naked on a very public New York rooftop. In love yet? I always thought she belonged in an early Woody Allen movie, driving him nuts with her unavailability.

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