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Lives: California
Works: Work with animals
Age: 21
Sign: saggitarius
Likes: Yoga, Chocolate, meeting new people
Loves: champgagne
Listens: White stripes, the beatles, foo fighters
Wants: want to travel and learn about different animals in the world
Plays: football, rugby
Reads: kite runner
Watches: pulp fiction, sex and the city
Wears: sporty/girly
Thinks: i support PETA - i'm a vegetarian!
Hides: I am bisexual

Tell us why you’re so lovable: I'm the girl next door :-)
What made you decide to pose nude? I don't mind nudity if its done tastefully. I think there is nothing wrong with the naked body. Its natural and beautiful!
How did you feel before the shoot? excited
What was the shoot like? Fun and easy!
How did you feel after? Pretty much the same as before
What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? I've done a lot of crazy things...
What turns you on before, during, and after love making? being with someone who cares about me
What do you think “genuine sexuality” is? being yourself

Photographer's Comments: Another real girl. Spent the afternoon shooting and talking shop on life, relationships and the differences between erotica and porn (always a great topic). I just love her smile and her butt that looks like home.

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