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Lives: Cali!
Works: I model and sometimes do some emcee'ing
Age: 22
Sign: Capricorn
Likes: Working out, meeting cool people, travel, finding neat little restaurants off the beaten path
Loves: The truth, the ocean, the sound of my love laughing and b reathing close to me
Listens: Christina Aguilera, 80's music
Wants: A new house in Beverly Hills
Feels: The decent treatment of animals is important to me. Dog baiting needs to stay. It's cruel and imhumane.
Plays: Volleyball, Soccer, Frisbee, I run, play tennis
Reads: The Secret
Watches: I don't watch TV
Wears: Tshirts, bikinis, sarongs
Thinks: That OJ needs to be put away once and for all, I mean come on!!!
Hides: I get bad skin and hair days
Shout it out: Angie, Babette, Charlotte, Darenzia, Erin, Fiona, Georgia, Hilary, Iris, Jenny, Kristal, Layella, Maxine, Nieves, Olive, Penny Lane, Quinetera, Roxy, Stoya, Tatianna, Ulla, Violet, Wendy, Xeres, Yolanda and most of all, ZOE! Rock out girls. You make me (and NWNs) proud!

Why are you so lovable? Am I?
What makes you a "hot girl"? My American/Russian looks and style, baby!!! And I've got a huge heart:)
Describe any other modeling you've done: Been modeling since I was 14. Print, fashion, runway, artistic, naughty and nice
What made you decide to pose nude? I love the feeling of being naked in a summer breeze.
How did you feel before the shoot? Hopeful
What was the shoot like? One of the best ones in a long time, the producer and photographer were super fun, cool (and good looking!)..it was a blast.
How did you feel after? Tired, but good.
What's the craziest thing you've ever done? I had a wild streak when I was in a teenager. Give me a few margaritas and you'll see.
What turns you on before, during, and after love making? Dancing under a moon, strong arms, steady gazes and making love in the ocean.
What do you think "genuine sexuality" is? It's when you meet a stranger across a crowded room and know just from a look that you're meant to bond and lock in and do away with all the b.s. and lines and stupid stuff like that. It's not being ashamed to be naked, alone and free in the wind. I mean all of this.

Photographer's Comments: Sometimes chances pay off. I rarely shoot without having met someone in person first..but Oxana submitted and we talked on the phone and it just felt right--but it also entailed a four hour road trip into CT in a traffic jam and a quickly setting sun. We had intended to shoot a normally isolated beach but for some reason, it was packed! It looked like a bust. Oxana took us by the hand and basically said 'let's make this happen'. We climbed a huge rock and shot in relative silence not feet away from the oblivious beachgoers so close below. Rock and F-ing roll, man. What a star.

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