Raven Send Her a Message Read Her Diary College Sweetheart

Lives: NYC/Philly
Works: Student
Age: 20
Sign: Gemini
Likes: Boyz, Girls, 420
Loves: Rarely
Listens: Spoon, The Killers
Wants: I want to start an orphanage for abandoned children in Darfur
Feels: The children of the world
Plays: Beer Pong, Ninetendo Wii
Reads: The Celestine Prophecy
Watches: Lost, 24, AI
Wears: n/a
Thinks: George Bush aint that bad.
Hides: Republican tendencies
Tell us why you're so lovable: No, you tell me. I think you know.
Shout it out: Hey Eriko, hope you're good. Hi Mark and Dennis, George and Paul, Jack and Jill. My place later.

Describe any other modeling you've done. This was my first time.
What made you decide to pose nude? I have nothing to hide.
How did you feel before the shoot? Hot, hassled.
What was the shoot like? Hot. Fun. Yeah...
How did you feel after? Hot, turned on, thirsty.
What's the craziest thing you've ever done? I just dropped my pants on a subway a few days ago with 50 other people.
What turns you on before, during, and after love making? Baby lotions, strong no/bs communication, fingers, toes, toys.
What do you think "genuine sexuality" is? I don't think about it. I am it.

Photographer's Comments: Part of Raven's appeal, to me, is that you think you know her. She's that sassy, spirited girl down the end of the dorm or the girl you see getting coffee every morning. And if you could just say hi, you might have some high, high times....

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