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Lives: Philly/Hollywood
Age: 22
Works: Google me.
Sign: Fuck that
Likes: I like a lot, there’s a lot to like. I like pie. I ’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony, grow apple trees and honey bees and snow white turtle doves.
Loves: Loyalty in my friends and my luvers. I love my family. I love me a Big Mac sometimes. I love to make clothes.
Listens: Please. I make my own music. …I do like the Doors, Green Day and Janis Joplin tho.
Wants: Never to rest on my laurels. Never to be content with how much I’ve “Achieved”. I want to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. And to rock out with our cocks,….all together: Out. It’s better out.
Feels: Don’t treat the gays badly, yo. They’re mostly smarter and better dressed than you.
Plays: Football.
Reads: The God Delusion by Dawkins (trying to), The New Yorker and Vibe magazine
Watches: Japanese animation. The Simpsons.
Wears: I don’t care about what I wear.
Thinks: People care too much about what they wear. Get naked or rip up your clothes or march to the beat of your own drum. I puke at Cosmo. I puke, but daintily. I pukette.
Hides: Not much these days.
Shout it out: I LOVE YOU PHILY!

Describe other modeling I’ve done? I’m all over the place. Nekkid.
What made you decide to pose nude? Initially it was on a dare, but then I came to love the thrill of the shoot and I do believe that we are documenting the world’s most precious resource: the ladies.
How did you feel before the shoot? Chill
What was the shoot like? Cold! But fun. They did warm the water in the bathtub though, now that’s special care!
How did you feel after? Richer.
What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? I’ve bared my body for thousands of anonymous viewers all over the world, as we speak. Crazy that.
What turns you on before, during and after lovemaking? Long kisses, multiple locals (and partners on holidays) potty mouths and big hearts.
What do you think ‘genuine sexuality’ is? Me. I’m it. I am genuine sexuality. And that’s like Virtual Insanity, but I am what I am. I am an android from the future. Really.

Photographer's Comments: What a badass! Seriously. Another great example of an American original. The intensity she brings to you through her pictures is truly an extension of her power as a human being. Complex, funny, and to me a true new archetype of the new young American--street smart and web connected (And there's also the lack of body fat). I have zero doubt she's gonna be huge. And Stoya, you left some shit here so anytime you wanna pick it up....

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