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Lives: New Jersey
Works: I model and I just started doing porn
Age: 23
Sign: Taurus, i am pretty stubborn and creative
Likes: I like mechanical bull riding, karaoke, dancing, snow boarding, and traveling
Loves: I love dirty talk and foreplay, sex in random public places, and the element of surprise.
Listens: Linkin Park, Dave Matthews, Evanescence
Wants: I just want to be happy.. Life is better when your happy
Feels: Cruelty to animals, I have adopted many animals over the years that have come from homes of abuse and neglect.
Plays: I don't play any sports or anything I just work out and exercise.
Reads: Great Expectations, my all time favorite
Watches: Legend is my favorite since I was a little girl and as for TV i love reality shows and Nip Tuck, Sopranos, Entourage, Desperate Housewives, Dirty Sexy Money.
Wears: I love BeBe and Charlotte Russo
Thinks: I have strong opinions on global warming, immigration in the U.S., and I am completely intrigued by The Sociology and Psychology of the human mind.
Hides: What i feel on the inside.. it isn't always important.

Photographer's Comments: Holy moly! Mama is fearless. She is just all fun, all body, no bs all the time. Plus she pounced (the right kind of pounce) of our lovely model Addie and we thank her for it.

Tell us why you’re so lovable: A lot of people look at me as a "hot" girl and once they talk to me and see me beyond a sex object, they find I am an intelligent person and a very good friend. I am honest, dedicated, love unconditionally, and sometimes just is who you need me to be so you can feel complete.
Shout it out: I just want to give a shot out to my mom, my dad, and my boyfriend. Without their love and support I wouldn't be as confident in this business, or with myself and my new adventures..
What made you decide to pose nude? I was a naked baby! I was always comfortable with being naked and there is something about people getting turned on with the way i move that appeals to me.
How did you feel before the shoot? I felt good, I mean the drive was a bit crazy but overall I was cool.
What was the shoot like? It was so much fun! I was free to just take pictures any way i wanted, the other girl was really cool too.. This one guy was a peeping tom out of his window lol staring at both of us.
How did you feel after? I felt great!! Shoots always make me get all worked up!
What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? Hmmm wow let's go with the biggest. I was at Woodstock 99 and during Limp Bizkit I got on top of a man held stage of plywood and danced in front of about 100,000 people.. A bunch of girls were flashing their boobs so I stripped down all of my clothes while tons of people took pictures.
What turns you on before, during, and after love making? The way i am kissed and touched. It sets the mood, it gets me all worked up and wanting to be closer to someone.
What do you think “genuine sexuality” is? Maybe it is truly becoming one with someone. The give and recieve of intimacy. I think that when you have an intense connection with someone being able to be open and yourself in bed is one of the greatest pleasures of lovemaking..

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