It takes a bunch of people to keep sexy and expanding.

First and foremost, there's our models. You can check them out here.

Then, there's our creative team.

Sasha Light is our Producer and Associate Creative Director. She's a former runway model who happens to hold a degree in Photojournalism. She loves the Sacramento Kings, Radiohead and Oregon Pinot Noir.

James Ogilvey is our Lead Photographer and Creative Director. His work has appeared in major magazines around the world.

Ryan Leaf is our CEO. He has been working in the world of quality online erotica for over 7 years, having consulted or marketed for most of the biggies. He also loves to hike, play guitar, read (and write) poetry, see performance art, and hang out with the models.

Gracie Cabrera is our Videographer and Audio slave. She has made a ton of indie shorts and worked for fancy filmmakers but would rather film hot, happy, softcore gals. She loves big, frothy girlie drinks and drives a Ford pickup. Go NWNs!

Roberto Diaz is our tech guru. He's been working on computers for nearly 15 years, and there's nothing he can't do, other than step away from one. A passionate soccer player and late night DJ, Roberto couldn't be happier than working on NWN content, cuz it sure beats sys apps for IBM!

Jenny Bisous when not modelling (for us) or dancing makes our girls look pretty with her makeup artistry. She misses France and knows karate. She wants a new roommate who shares her passion for Bjork.