DarenziaHow To Be a "Not So Secret Admirer" of Your Favorite New World Girl

So, you want to send a private message to Darenzia? And of course, you want her to respond. And after that, who knows?

Darenzia would love to chat with you, and she WILL respond, but her time is precious, so we think it's fair to require a tip if you want to reach her. If you tip her and then send a message, she will respond. Guaranteed or your money back.

Here's how it works...

Step 1: You send Darenzia a tip by clicking the "Get Darenzia's Private Email Address" link below. The tip is set at $5.

Step 2: After your $5 payment has gone through, you must click "Return to Merchant" on the PayPal page.

Step 3: You will then be sent to a webpage that contains Darenzia's private email address, and you can then send her a message at that address.

Please note - Darenzia's PayPal email account is NOT the email to which you will be sending your message. You will not receive a response if you send a message to that email address. The email you will be sending a message to will be given to you AFTER you pay her the tip.

Thanks, and enjoy your chat with New World Darenzia!